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How to Stop Being Stuck in the Past


One of the common traits of experiencing mental health issues like depression and anxiety is spending time wishing we could change our past. People tend to relive their past decisions and experiences while focusing on how they wish they had chosen differently or reacted in another way. Unfortunately, remaining rooted in the past can never […]

Why Do They Keep Saying I Am a Miracle in My Meetings?

Ever walk into a recovery meeting and hear someone say, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens?” If you haven’t, maybe you have heard someone tell you that you are a miracle. Comprehending this statement may throw you for a loop because you are not trying to hear anything religious. The truth is that miracles are […]

How Do I Develop Strong Spiritual Intuition?

One concern that people have during the throes of addiction is not making the right choices under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The longer the drugs and alcohol take effect, the worse a person’s moral reasoning is diminished. As their moralistic high ground continues to decline, the ability to connect to a higher power […]

What Settling Financial Wreckage of the Past Really Involves

Many of us who suffer from addiction had accrued debts before we got sober, which needs to be paid off. Coming into recovery, we are broken and broke with no means to pay back the money that we borrowed or stole. While we may not realize the destructiveness of this behavior at first, there will […]

What Do My Character Defects Even Mean?

As you started making your way through the 12-Steps, your primary intention was to learn about yourself. It is crucial to spot the patterns in your life that hold you back. In this way, you can identify your character defects and be rid of them or turn them into strengths. The problem with discovering your […]

Why You Are Only Responsible For the Effort Not the Outcome


Look back and see how often you got what you wanted when you were running the show. You may have tried to control everything to no avail. Even when you were trying to score drugs and alcohol, many pieces needed to fall into place before you succeeded in seeking oblivion. Still, there were times, even […]

Why Am I So Squirrelly Before My Next Sobriety Milestone?

sober milestone

If you have been around the rooms of recovery, you have probably seen people take different milestones in their recovery. 30-days, 60-days, 90-days, 6-months, 9-months, and years are the most common milestones that people celebrate. Staying sober for 1 day is difficult for someone who suffers from addiction, so stringing together some days, months, or […]

Step Four: Personal Inventory

Step Four: Personal Inventory

Now that you have worked through Steps One, Two, and Three, you should be really proud of the progress you are making. The 12-Steps are thorough, to say the least, and the fact that you are conceding to your innermost self that you are suffering from addiction, while trying to connect to a Higher Power, […]

What You Should Know About Online Meetings

online meetings

With the scare of the coronavirus, people have started trying to stay out of public and are making sure their hands are clean. For someone in recovery, this could be terrifying for many reasons. The fear that you could contract this virus is enough to keep you out of meetings, especially with the hand holding […]

I Am All Alone. Who Do I Talk to About My Addiction?

I Am All Alone. Who Do I Talk to About My Addiction?

If you are someone who suffers from an addiction, you may find yourself eventually all alone due to the consequences of your actions. You may believe that you are not at fault, but your loved ones may beg to differ since they were the ones taking care of you and putting out all your fires. […]