How Do I Develop Strong Spiritual Intuition?

One concern that people have during the throes of addiction is not making the right choices under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The longer the drugs and alcohol take effect, the worse a person’s moral reasoning is diminished. As their moralistic high ground continues to decline, the ability to connect to a higher power also continues to lessen when drugs and alcohol are in the mix.

For this reason, spiritual intuition is damaged, causing poor decision making to occur more frequently. In your recovery, however, you can regain strong spiritual intuition that will be instrumental in keeping you sober. Developing a relationship with a higher power lets you feel, hear, or see what is being spiritually communicated through the actions you take.

Listen to Your Gut

The discernment you get in your gut is the voice of reason that you need that is coming from your higher power. Gut intuition should not be confused with the noise in your head because that will lead you based on emotion rather than seeing the reality of what needs to be done. Write down instances of when you followed your gut when you were right and when you were wrong. Look at why you made these quality decisions and keep moving towards spiritual growth.

Find the Means

For you to connect to a higher power, you must make a segue. Mindfulness, exercise, breathing techniques, nature, or asking for guidance are ways to allow your higher power to impart spiritual wisdom onto you. If you humble yourself to become teachable, your higher power can connect through a means that will work individually for you.

Everyone’s experience will be different but hearing how others have developed their spiritual connection will help you find your spiritual journey. Try a few different methods of spiritual connection to figure out what functions for you. Do not be discouraged if something is not working for you, just keep searching for what does.

Remember, this is your conception of a higher power, so you have to communicate in a way that will not hinder your spirituality but enhance it.Spiritual intuition is not something that can be taught. Your intuition will be guided by your spiritual development. Ensure you are paying attention so that you can hone a strong spiritual intuition that will serve a great purpose to your sobriety.

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