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How Do I Develop Strong Spiritual Intuition?

One concern that people have during the throes of addiction is not making the right choices under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The longer the drugs and alcohol take effect, the worse a person’s moral reasoning is diminished. As their moralistic high ground continues to decline, the ability to connect to a higher power […]

What is Keeping You from Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment?


As you progress through your recovery, you start to see the necessity of connecting to a Higher Power as a means of staying sober. The problem that you are running into is that you are having a difficult time trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment. While you may have thought that finding your spiritual way would […]

Are There Coincidences in Recovery?

Have you ever encountered something that you could not believe happened the way it went down? Eerily, you may have wondered how in the world did that even occur for me? If this something that you have experienced, you may be confused as to what ensued especially if you have a difficult time with accepting […]

What is a Higher Power?

What is a Higher Power?

One of the ways people in a 12-Step program become alienated is when they hear they must find a Higher Power. The most confusing part of the Higher Power is that some members of a 12-Step program chose to call their Higher Power “God”. For someone who considers themselves an agnostic or an atheist, the […]

Why Building Momentum in Your Recovery is Beneficial 

Why Building Momentum in Your Recovery is Beneficial 

For sobriety to work, effort must take place to create momentum in recovery. Momentum is defined as “the quality of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity” which is relatable to recovery. The moving body is you, the mass is your program, and the velocity is your spirituality. […]