About Valiant Living

A True Focus on Expanded Recovery

A New Approach to Recovery

Valiant Living Professionals Program for Men strives to restore lives from addictions, intimacy disorders, and their influence on all aspects of life. Our trained staff utilize the most progressive therapy techniques to offer the highest quality care. We provide individual therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational classes, workshops, and more to help restore the harm created intimacy disorders and addictions.

A Desire for Better Therapy for the Family

Founder Michael Dinneen has worked in a variety of programs addressing substance use disorders and intimacy disorders, but each has had something missing. Many agencies offer a range of therapeutic services, typically focused solely on each individual as the client, often missing the broader context of the family system in which they live. This approach, though not without merit, often misses significantly crucial pieces of the larger puzzle that contribute to long-term healing and restoration. Valiant Living exists to provide a holistic therapeutic experience to appropriately treat the family system.

Our Ideal Client

  • The man who is looking to heal relationships hurt by addictive or compulsive behavior
  • The professional who needs to make significant life changes in order to rebuild the life he imagines for himself
  • The person who has struggled to make treatment progress stick and needs a group that is more relatable
  • A recovering man who is used to living comfortably and needs support as well as autonomy as he deepens his healing
  • The couple who is going through a turning point in their relationship and needs guidance navigating painful and serious betrayals
  • The family of an addict who is struggling to live up to the promise of recovery
  • The man who struggles with compulsive behaviors and mental health issues who needs a clinical team that can navigate multiple co-occurring issues with him
  • The working professional who needs to balance a deep search for recovery with a work life that demands attention

I want to thank you for counseling and leading me through this journey of recovery.  I have learned more in the last 4 months about myself than I knew in the previous 47 years.  For the first time in a long time I feel hope and have peace.  I know I have a long way to go to full recovery, but to see the progress in myself and the relationship with my wife has brought joy back to my life.  Through the program, I have received encouragement, support and above all a plan for recovery!!