Why Organizations Partner with Valiant Living


Valiant Living prioritizes patient security and well-being as our utmost concern. We utilize evidence-based methods and strive to incorporate holistic approaches whenever feasible. Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to crafting comprehensive and compassionate treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique requirements. Rest assured, our exceptional detoxification approach ensures both safety and efficacy in your journey towards sobriety.


Our clinical staff has extensive knowledge in critical care and addiction. We possess a unique proficiency in pharmacokinetics, understanding how drugs move within the body. Additionally, our experts excel in managing co-occurring issues and physical diseases. Recognizing the individuality of each patient, we tailor our plans of action to meet their specific needs, rooted in evidence-based methods. At our facility, we guarantee utmost safety and comfort for all our valued guests, delivering exceptional customer service alongside top-notch medical care.


Valiant Living is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized care. Our dedicated Case Management team ensures that clients are well-prepared for their next journey, providing stability faster than competing long-term programs. To ensure accurate results, we conduct comprehensive testing, including psych evaluations, cognitive assessments, biosocial evaluations, and spiritual checkups. These precise measurements empower our clients to make informed decisions and confidently progress towards recovery.

How to Refer to Valiant Living

Located in Colorado, our center collaborates with healthcare providers nationwide to deliver exceptional detox care and ongoing recovery support. We welcome referrals from a diverse range of professionals including therapists, hospitals, medical practitioners, insurers, employers, and interventionists. Our top priority is to prioritize safety and comfort, ensuring successful journeys towards sobriety for our valued clients.

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