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Follow Your Heart: Ways to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system controls heart and circulatory functions, making it a vital part of your body’s functioning and overall health. Poor cardiovascular health has several risk factors and can cause a person to develop life-threatening, and even deadly, illnesses. These can include high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, hypertension, and heart failure. In fact, more than […]

An Overview of Stress

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In the course of your daily life, it is normal to experience one or more demands that place mental, physical, and emotional pressure on you. Stress is how the brain responds to danger, obstacles, or demands, and the circumstances that lead to stress are many and varied. Stress is common and impacts each person differently. […]

Chemical Dependency: What Is It and How Is It Different From Addiction?

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The terms addiction and chemical dependency are often used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between the two. Addiction is classified as a chronic illness that, although treatable, can result in compulsive behaviors. However, chemical dependency is when the body needs a substance to prevent symptoms of withdrawal.  What Causes Chemical Dependency?  Chemical dependency […]

The Healing Benefits of Laughter

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Life often presents us with great adversity. Finding effective, healthy ways to cope with the difficulties in life can take time and discipline, but once you identify coping methods that work for you, overcoming obstacles and living more fully becomes easier. One of the most effective and efficient coping skills is humor. Laughing often, embracing […]

Biopsychosocial Understanding of Self

The biopsychosocial-spiritual-cultural model helps mental health professionals understand clients as they exist in their environments. So what does that mean for you as the client? How do you understand yourself in these different areas? How do they define you and how do you define them? Biological This component has everything to do with your physical […]