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Covid-19: An End-of-the-Summer Update

The United States is currently experiencing a rise in covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. In fact, as of July, 35% of the counties and 90% of jurisdictions in the United States are experiencing high levels of transmission. The rise in cases is primarily due to a decrease in the number of vaccines being administered and […]

Preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine

When looking into getting the COVID-19 vaccination, you have several options. You can get Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. Pfizer and Moderna are currently a two-dose regimen, which may become a three-dose regimen depending on variants of the virus that develop across the world. Johnson and Johnson is a one-dose regimen, but administration of […]

The Value of Nature as a Means to Cope

outdoor activities

Nature helps so many overcome their life stressors. It serves as a means for so many to cope. When someone is ill, several studies have proven that looking out at nature or a painting of greenery can have a significant impact on improving their health outcomes. You can use nature as a means to cope […]

How to Attend AA Meetings During Quarantine

Dealing with alcohol addiction is especially challenging during quarantine. Several treatment facilities are closed or have gone virtual. During quarantine, there are still opportunities out there to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  How Can I Find a Meeting Online? First you should Browse the Directory of Online Meetings. This will walk you through the options […]

How to Deal with Zoom Fatigue

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, you may be growing tired of virtual meetings. The term “Zoom fatigue” has been popularized to describe this phenomenon. Whether it is the strain on your eyes from the computer screen glare or your longing for physical connection, many are finding themselves in a place of desperation and desire to […]

Focus on the Positive in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is typically when everyone thinks about the great things that happened over the past year. Last year, millions of people planned for a wonderful, productive 2020. No one could have predicted just how unusual and challenging the year ended up being.  COVID-19 interfered with most people’s daily activities, such as eating at […]

Why You Should Quit Vaping Because of COVID-19

Stress and anxiety have been a common theme throughout the recent global pandemic. When these reactions arise, seeking coping mechanisms can assist in alleviating stress and anxiety. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or a vape pen can be easy to grab for instant gratification to change how they feel. While drugs and alcohol are mind-altering, tobacco and […]

Red Table Talk: Addiction Special


Technology keeps creating different platforms to help get more information across. Facebook Watch, a place where videos can be viewed on Facebook, has a web television talk show with hosts that span three generations. Jada Pinkett Smith alongside her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and her daughter, Willow Smith, are all hosts for this made for Facebook […]