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Tips for Participating in Group Therapy

Group therapy can help you heal collectively. By sharing your experiences with others who may have had similar situations or coping mechanisms, you can not only grow together but also learn a lot about yourself in the process. Overall, group therapy should be a time for creating connections and fostering community. Avoid Projection One of […]

Get in the Right Headspace to Tell Your Kids You’re Seeking Treatment

You have made the decision to seek treatment for your addiction, but you still need to have that conversation with your children on why you are leaving home for a while. If your kids are unaware of your condition, this can be a difficult topic to broach. Even if they are aware, it is a […]

Do You Have a Process Addiction?

A process addiction is when a favorite pastime becomes problematic. Instead of indulging periodically in moderation with your favorite things, they become excessive and destructive. Some examples of process addictions include eating, exercise, gambling, sex, video gaming, shopping, and pornography. Each of these behaviors may supplement your lifestyle and bring joy, but when we engage […]

How to Collaborate with Your Medication Prescriber

Do you find it hard to be honest with your medication prescriber? Are you sometimes missing doses either unintentionally or intentionally? Do you wish you had better communication about your health with your healthcare providers? To break down the barriers that often exist between patient and provider, we suggest you take the initiative early on […]

5 Tenants of Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction

Millions of people who struggle with alcoholism or addiction want recovery but do not fully understand the concept. They often imagine that recovery includes white-knuckling through urges to drink or use drugs again, while still staying the same person they were when their troubles began. A full recovery program should address multiple areas of an […]

How Long Do Drug Cravings Last During Withdrawal?

For a person contemplating entering recovery for their struggle with addiction, one of the biggest concerns revolves around experiencing physical cravings for their drug of choice. The idea of feeling the familiar,  urgent drive to indulge that craving but not having the option due to being in a residential or hospitalization program can be overwhelming.  […]

Asking if a Treatment Program Is a Good Fit for You

A person who is ready to enter a recovery program often wonders if they will be a good fit and what other people in the program may be like. Valiant Living is an excellent choice for those looking to enter sober living. Our variety of treatment options include medically supervised detoxification, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, […]

Confronting Your Partner About Their Addiction

When a spouse or partner develops an addiction, it affects both people in the relationship. While the addicted person may suffer a great deal, the brunt of their addiction lands squarely on the people around them. Neither person may know what to do, complicating the situation, and increasing the odds that the relationship may not […]

If You Think Your Partner is Battling Addiction

If you suspect that your romantic partner struggles with addiction, you may feel hesitant to say something to them. You may worry that they’ll laugh it off, get angry with you for doubting their self-control or even retreat further into isolation and substance dependency. The last thing you want is to make things worse. Unfortunately, […]

Why Medically-Supervised Detoxing Is Best


When a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they often find themselves in need of detoxification, also called detox. The idea of going cold turkey off alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs frightens most people. Still, getting off the substance they abuse is critical to their physical and mental health. Even when a person […]