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Must Have Self-Help Workbooks that Deal With Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Suppose you are one of 35 million adults (14.3%) who suffer from a mental health disorder or 8.5 million adults (24%) affected by a substance use disorder. In that case, you understand the complexities of these disorders. Both coping with and understanding the scope of an illness can be daunting and, even, exhausting. However, self-help […]

One, Two Punch: the “Tag-Team” Approach to Treating Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic-depressive illness or manic depression) affects 2.8% percent of Americans over 18. It is a mood disorder that causes unusual shifts in one’s mood from high, which is referred to as a manic episode, to low, which is referred to as a depressive episode. Patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder usually […]

Polar Opposites: Differences Between Bipolar I and II Disorder

Imagine this: You experience a sudden, random, huge burst of energy, creativity, and motivation. However, this is not just a “few cups of coffee” burst of energy. This is a new level of energy that is so powerful that it can motivate you to catch up with friends, be the most productive person in the […]

Adapting to a Blended Family

Homemade Relaxation Leisure-blended-family

Blended families are formed when two people start a life together and bring children from previous relationships. Each blended family encounters its own set of problems and requires its own unique solutions because of the complex mix of the members of the blended family.  Adjusting to a new family dynamic can take time, but with […]

Sensory and Physical Changes in Men During Middle Adulthood


Sensory and physical changes in middle adulthood are so gradual that most people are not even aware of them while they are happening. There are several changes that men experience in middle adulthood, ranging from minor to life-changing. Those changes include:   Vision: Vision changes are common in middle adulthood. You may develop vision disorders, including […]