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Defense Mechanisms

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Defense mechanisms offer protection from stress or anxiety by allowing the individual to adapt to internal conflict and stressors. They circumvent thoughts or situations that are anxiety-inducing. Defense mechanisms, as described by Sigmund Freud, include:     Regression: Regression occurs when a person retreats to behavior that occurred during an earlier developmental period. For example, a person […]

25 Affirmations to Use in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Affirmations are short, powerful statements that help you overcome your negative thoughts, manifest goals, and empower yourself. Using affirmative language builds confidence and motivates you to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Here are 25 affirmations for individuals that are battling addiction:     My life is free of drugs and alcohol and I am stronger […]

The Iceberg of Emotions

We often experience emotions as an iceberg. In the conscious mind, above the water, we consider our feelings — whether it’s anger, sadness, or joy. However, under the water lies the subconscious and unconscious minds. This is where we store painful memories and patterns of behavior that we have grown accustomed to experiencing. Due to […]

Characterizing Your Thought Patterns


A key component of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is characterizing your maladaptive thoughts. Maladaptive thoughts are ways of thinking that do not serve a logical purpose but stem from depression or anxiety. Here are some examples of maladaptive thinking patterns: All-or-Nothing Thinking: Also called black and white thinking, this is the belief that a situation is 100% one […]

Shame and Guilt in Addiction

Experiencing shame and guilt is a common part of addiction, recovery, and life itself. When you fixate on failed relationships, lost opportunities, or missed connections, it can become a never-ending cycle of negativity. However, this fails to acknowledge your full journey.  If you begin to envision your life after recovery, you may start to see […]

How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

With 2021 underway, it may be a good time to reevaluate your progress on your personal goals for growth. In December, we wrote a reminder to readers to Focus on the Positive in the New Year. Perhaps you made a New Years resolution and need some tips on holding yourself accountable. To successfully form new, […]

Why Should I Worry About the Wreckage of the Future?

Now that you are putting some days together in your recovery, you can still cause some future wreckage. If you keep doing all the same things that you were doing while you were active in your addiction, there is a good chance that you could sabotage your recovery. There is a concept in recovery that […]

Why Do I Feel So Misunderstood?

As you begin your recovery journey, there may be indications that make you realize that you feel misunderstood. Feeling your feelings for the first time can reveal a great deal, including knowing that being misunderstood is nothing new. Your self-perception of not fitting in or that everyone is out to get you may have kept […]