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How to Give and Receive Peer Support in Recovery

Recovery from addiction can be a lonely road. Resisting cravings, building a new life, attending meetings — all of it can feel overwhelming. Socially isolating yourself during your recovery can bring on additional negative symptoms such as anxiety and depression and even lead you to relapse. Although your story and journey are unique, plenty of […]

Adapting to a Blended Family

Homemade Relaxation Leisure-blended-family

Blended families are formed when two people start a life together and bring children from previous relationships. Each blended family encounters its own set of problems and requires its own unique solutions because of the complex mix of the members of the blended family.  Adjusting to a new family dynamic can take time, but with […]

What is Community Care?

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We often hear about the importance of self-care in the era of mental health clickbait and an increasing desire for likes on social media. But what about community care? What about putting systems in place so that people don’t feel so alone in the world? It Starts With a Neighborhood Imagine neighbors passing one another with […]

Group Celebrations Enhance Your Life

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Gatherings of people to celebrate an important milestone in their lives can bring so much joy to life. Finally, we are reaching a point in this global pandemic where people can start celebrating weddings, graduations, holidays, and more. Congregating in groups allows us to relate to one another and form momentous energy around major accomplishments. […]

Finding Your Family in Recovery

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Family plays an integral role throughout many aspects of each individual’s life. However, the idea of a “family” can mean many things, with each individual having their own understanding of the word. Finding one’s supportive and empathetic family throughout the recovery process can be crucial in establishing effective support systems and creating an atmosphere of […]

Leaning on Friendship

leaning on friendship

Sometimes in life, our job or our romantic relationships are not bringing us the satisfaction we seek. This is when friendship becomes fundamental. Friendship is a form of intimacy that is often overlooked and under-discussed. Our friends, however, carry us through the most tumultuous of times. Consistency Friendships can be some of the most consistent […]

Letting Go of the Male Insensitivity Myth

Men cry. That may come as a shock to you, but it is part of our life experience. We cry when we experience loss, when we feel unreciprocated affection, when we fear the future, and when we dwell in the past. It is a myth that manhood does not allow sensitivity — it’s important to […]

Why Does Everyone Keep Saying I Need Help Too?

Now that your loved one has started receiving treatment for their drug and/or alcohol addiction, you may be under the impression that you are free and clear. You may believe that all the problems have gone away since no more drinking or drug use is going on. The truth of the matter is that there […]

What Does Recovery Look Like After Rehab?

The general perception of what could happen once you stop getting drunk and high is that everything will be boring and dull. Drugs and alcohol deceptively make you believe that without their elusive effects, life will be over. You may be worrying about how you will ever get married without a champagne toast or how […]