Monthly Archives: January 2021

Tips for Participating in Group Therapy

Group therapy can help you heal collectively. By sharing your experiences with others who may have had similar situations or coping mechanisms, you can not only grow together but also learn a lot about yourself in the process. Overall, group therapy should be a time for creating connections and fostering community. Avoid Projection One of […]

Letting Go of the Male Insensitivity Myth

Men cry. That may come as a shock to you, but it is part of our life experience. We cry when we experience loss, when we feel unreciprocated affection, when we fear the future, and when we dwell in the past. It is a myth that manhood does not allow sensitivity — it’s important to […]

Get in the Right Headspace to Tell Your Kids You’re Seeking Treatment

You have made the decision to seek treatment for your addiction, but you still need to have that conversation with your children on why you are leaving home for a while. If your kids are unaware of your condition, this can be a difficult topic to broach. Even if they are aware, it is a […]

Do You Have a Process Addiction?

A process addiction is when a favorite pastime becomes problematic. Instead of indulging periodically in moderation with your favorite things, they become excessive and destructive. Some examples of process addictions include eating, exercise, gambling, sex, video gaming, shopping, and pornography. Each of these behaviors may supplement your lifestyle and bring joy, but when we engage […]

Maintaining Relationship Intimacy

Are you having difficulty becoming or staying aroused? There are several psychological and biological factors that may be contributing to this roadblock. Most of the time this sort of situation is out of your control. So how do you take back control of the intimacy you experience in your relationship? Recharge your libido with these […]

How to Collaborate with Your Medication Prescriber

Do you find it hard to be honest with your medication prescriber? Are you sometimes missing doses either unintentionally or intentionally? Do you wish you had better communication about your health with your healthcare providers? To break down the barriers that often exist between patient and provider, we suggest you take the initiative early on […]

Tips on Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is woven into the fabric of life. We are never quite sure of the consequences of our actions or the effects that any major event may have in our lives. This year brought immense uncertainty to our lives. With 2020 behind us, it is time to focus on the present moment. Here are techniques that […]

How to Create a Daily Schedule and Stick to It

Creating a daily schedule helps to establish priorities in your life. It can give you a sense of fulfillment when you reach your goals. Sticking to that schedule can be a challenge. In a given day, several tasks may come up that require your attention. Additionally, finding the willpower to stay consistent with a schedule […]

How Do I Talk to My Partner About My Trauma?

Opening up to a partner about past or present trauma is a huge relationship hurdle to work through. We want the people we love to support us through the toughest of times, but vulnerability is scary. We may fear rejection once we reveal hardship and the more negative sides of our lived experiences. Trauma is […]