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How Do I Get Over the Family Drama that Happened During the Holidays?

The holidays would not be the holidays without some families generating drama over something that happened when the family got together. Even though you are bound by blood or by marriage, this does not mean that the family’s usual cohesiveness will stay intact forever. There could be a time where tempers flare or disrespectful behavior […]

Reasons People Who Get Sober Together Form a Tight Bond

Friends who are addicted to drugs and alcohol will drink and use them together.  Even though they may not really like each other or trust one another, they will become thick as thieves because they are all after one thing – to get loaded and drunk without having any consequences.  That goal, which is nearly […]

Is “Doctor Shopping” Still a Trend?

People who become addicted to prescription medication will do anything they can to keep these “legal” drugs flowing for them. Whether they steal from medicine cabinets they have access to or try to buy pills off people who already have prescriptions, they could also try doctor shopping. Rather than have one physician to prescribe the […]

How to Have a Super Sober Bowl

The first weekend in February typically houses all the Super Bowl festivities. Super Bowl Sunday is a day synonymous with parties and not just regular old parties either. Parties that happen around the Super Bowl are often boozed fueled, drunken, blackout, pass out parties. Kegs and shots are flowing, and it may seem like the […]

Isolation Only Makes You Think of You

Coming out of the holidays is a huge proponent of wanting to isolate. With all of the overwhelming circumstances surrounding sobriety, family, presents, holiday gatherings, and loss that you pushed through with self-will and adrenaline, you may find yourself wanting to escape altogether from everything.  The problem that isolation creates is self-imprisonment because all you […]

Why is Sleep so Beneficial for Addiction Recovery?

Why is Sleep so Beneficial for Addiction Recovery?

People who battle addiction often battle sleep as well. Spending days awake due to the effects of drugs such as cocaine and meth can eradicate sleeping patterns altogether. Even though heroin and alcohol are known as depressive drugs that eventually make you sleepy, these substances can also wreak complete havoc on the body’s circadian rhythm […]

I’m Getting Bored in My Recovery Program. What Do I Do?

There may come a time in your recovery program where you feel like you have done it all, seen it all, and met everybody you need to continue to stay sober. Instead of being motivated to go to a meeting, you may dread having to hear the same share from the same person again today […]

How Can I Stop Letting the Winter Blues Get Me Down?

How Can I Stop Letting the Winter Blues Get Me Down?

During the colder months of the year, depression can be a problem for some people. With the sun being out less along with shorter and colder days, the possibility of becoming depressed is very likely. People tend to stay indoors more and create a type of “cabin fever” for themselves that could provoke depression. People […]

Step One: Powerless and Unmanageable 

One of the biggest truths to face in a recovery program is to admit that you are powerless over drugs or alcohol. One of the hardest realities to find when you are trying to get sober from drugs or alcohol is that your life has become unmanageable. Sure, you can see where drugs and alcohol […]