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Depression is Not Laziness

Depression, being “bummed,” or experiencing the feeling of hopelessness is a normal fluctuation in your mental state. During this period, the person experiencing it is often less likely or willing to participate in normal daily activities and other people may misinterpret the scenario as laziness. This is harmful as it fails to validate the genuine […]

Why is Sleep so Beneficial for Addiction Recovery?

Why is Sleep so Beneficial for Addiction Recovery?

People who battle addiction often battle sleep as well. Spending days awake due to the effects of drugs such as cocaine and meth can eradicate sleeping patterns altogether. Even though heroin and alcohol are known as depressive drugs that eventually make you sleepy, these substances can also wreak complete havoc on the body’s circadian rhythm […]

What Should I Watch For Regarding Suicide in the New Year?

Now that the Holidays are over, reality sets in that there is a New Year ahead. For some, this is an exciting time to make changes to compensate for last year’s mistakes, and for others, fear paralyzes them completely. Instead of being confident of what the New Year can bring to them, they cannot get […]