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How to Support Your Child During Your Divorce

Daughter sitting sadly while her parents are fighting

Divorce is a painful process, and unfortunately, children often experience the impact of divorce long after it is over. It is common for children to exhibit frequent, intense emotional outbursts or sudden shifts in their mood and mannerisms during a separation or divorce. As a parent, you might feel frustrated when your child exhibits a […]

Summer Vacation After the Pandemic

Man singing and enjoying karaoke

The first day of summer is Sunday, June 20th. As more and more Americans get vaccinated, travel restrictions are being lifted. This presents the perfect opportunity to travel after so many months of social distancing. Not only is taking a break from work crucial for avoiding burnout, but also for incorporating adventure and new experiences. […]

Family Dynamics Around Addiction and Recovery

Addiction of any kind and the recovery process affects family dynamics in multiple ways. People assume different roles throughout the process and grapple with the addiction on an individual basis. The best route is not always separation as that can leave the individual suffering from substance abuse without the resources to recover and at risk […]

Singer Melissa Etheridge’s Foundation Honors Her Son Who Lost His Battle With Opioid Addiction

For three decades, singer Melissa Etheridge made news for her powerful songs, multiple Grammy nominations, and influence on the world of rock music. Her albums and singles have sold millions of copies, and tickets to the Kansas singer’s concerts sell fast. This past May, Etheridge’s name made news when her son Beckett died of an […]

How Do I Deal with The News of a Loved One’s Medical Diagnosis in Recovery?

There may come a time when a loved one comes down with a severe medical ailment that makes you spin out of control with fear. You may start pondering how you will live without your loved one. How can you accept them with all the changes that will come about? Will they still know you? […]

6 Activities to Do Over Memorial Day Weekend and Stay Sober

memorial day weekend

Every year as the school year winds down and glimpses of summer are on the horizon, Memorial Day makes its way through the calendar year. Although Memorial Day is a sorrowful day to recognize those in the military who died during their service to the country, this day has become a gathering for friends and […]

Why Can’t My Mother Get Sober?

mother's sobriety

Addiction can be one of the ways that mothers can get disconnected from their children. A mom who is consistently under the influence is not being her genuine self which can create a disassociation caused by her addiction. If you were to ask most moms who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction why they […]

Can I Stay Sober This Easter?

sober Easter

There are some days where staying sober can be harder than others. Family holidays such as Easter, which is also a religious holiday, can be difficult to navigate. When you have used drinking and using drugs as your coping mechanism for so many years, being around your loved ones can be challenging. Even though you […]

I Am All Alone. Who Do I Talk to About My Addiction?

I Am All Alone. Who Do I Talk to About My Addiction?

If you are someone who suffers from an addiction, you may find yourself eventually all alone due to the consequences of your actions. You may believe that you are not at fault, but your loved ones may beg to differ since they were the ones taking care of you and putting out all your fires. […]