Can I Stay Sober This Easter?

sober Easter

There are some days where staying sober can be harder than others. Family holidays such as Easter, which is also a religious holiday, can be difficult to navigate. When you have used drinking and using drugs as your coping mechanism for so many years, being around your loved ones can be challenging. Even though you are becoming more responsible and dependable, it still takes time. Changing how you interact with family and how you feel around them will continue to evolve over time. Your fears may be rising, but you can stop them in their tracks by identifying them first so you can stay sober and enjoy Easter with your loved ones this year.


They are judging me. 

While this may be true to a certain degree, most likely you are judging yourself more than anyone. Accepting who you are in sobriety does not happen overnight. Accepting that you are becoming the family member you want to become can be deterred by your shame and guilt from the past. Demonstrate your spiritual principles and continue working through your own issues. You can set the tone for others to follow.


I’m a failure.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone has issues and makes bad decisions. Classifying who is worse is unproductive. Maybe you have done some terrible things under the influence. Staying sober one day at a time gets you farther away from practicing those old behaviors so you can start doing something different. People who make you feel like a failure should be avoided. If you are the one who is making yourself feel like a failure, start looking at the positive person you are aspiring to be in your recovery. No one is perfect, but by staying sober, you are already giving yourself a second chance at life. 


They do not want me here. 

If you got invited to Easter dinner, then own it! Even if you believe you got a pity invitation, go show them how wonderful life is today for you by spreading positivity. Your addiction will always be looming, trying to tell you lies about yourself. The best thing you can do is use your recovery measures to offset the deceit and go enjoy this time with your family. Family dynamics can cause drama and today, and you can intentionally choose to stay out of it. 


Easter may stir up some insecurities for you. Recovery is all about combating self-doubt to help you change into the sober, considerate, and helpful human you are. 


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