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Can Coffee Consumption Lead to Caffeine Addiction?

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Caffeine is, by far, the most heavily used drug in the world, with 75% of it being ingested via coffee. In fact, one cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine, with the average US adult drinking about 2 cups per day. Caffeine is generally harmless in moderation, but overconsumption can lead to addiction. […]

Synergism Between Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Synergism is the term for when two drugs are taken together and produce a multiplying effect. This concept is widely associated with mixing alcohol and another substance. The synergistic interaction between alcohol and other drugs contributes to the lethal potential of drug-taking behavior. What Is Synergism? Synergism is similar to potentiation. This means that if […]

Nelsan Ellis: A Cautionary Tale About Detoxing Alone

On July 8, 2017, critically acclaimed actor and playwright, Nelsan Ellis, passed away at the Woodhull Medical Center in New York. He was best known for his award-winning role as Lafayette Reynolds in the hit HBO show, True Blood. He went on to star in films like The Soloist, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Get […]

5 Tenants of Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction

Millions of people who struggle with alcoholism or addiction want recovery but do not fully understand the concept. They often imagine that recovery includes white-knuckling through urges to drink or use drugs again, while still staying the same person they were when their troubles began. A full recovery program should address multiple areas of an […]

How Long Do Drug Cravings Last During Withdrawal?

For a person contemplating entering recovery for their struggle with addiction, one of the biggest concerns revolves around experiencing physical cravings for their drug of choice. The idea of feeling the familiar,  urgent drive to indulge that craving but not having the option due to being in a residential or hospitalization program can be overwhelming.  […]

Going Cold Turkey

From an old American idiom referring to a straightforward, no-frills manner of speaking, ‘cold turkey’ has come to mean taking a similarly direct approach to addiction: simply stopping one’s use of drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substance. This method can have lasting benefits but can also come with dangerous side effects and increased hazards […]

Why Medically-Supervised Detoxing Is Best


When a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they often find themselves in need of detoxification, also called detox. The idea of going cold turkey off alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs frightens most people. Still, getting off the substance they abuse is critical to their physical and mental health. Even when a person […]

Is the Show “Intervention” a Real Representation of Addiction?

Reality TV shows often get a bad rap for provoking the people on the show into acting in an explosive and dramatic way to get more ratings. The producers are known to conjure up situations and settings that might otherwise lead someone to appear outrageous which makes viewers question the validity of the “reality”.  The […]

Can I Visit my Loved One in Treatment?

Can I Visit my Loved One in Treatment?

In treatment, your loved one will learn how to stay sober, avoid triggers, and completely change his or her drinking and drug-using lifestyle. Detox and treatment are hard and recovery is a lifelong process with challenges to avoid relapse. Staying sober is a huge commitment and takes a lot of determination, encouragement, and support from […]