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5 Amazing Podcasts About Addiction Recovery

man with headphones playing on his phone sitting at his desk

The Recovery Elevator Paul Churchill’s podcast, The Recovery Elevator, is his unique way of holding himself accountable during his journey to recovery. Paul, an ex-closeted alcoholic, chronicles his recovery to help himself just as much as others. The show features guests that share their experiences and give listeners tips on how to overcome addiction.  The […]

Why Miley Cyrus Got Sober

When you think of Miley Cyrus, you may remember her Disney Channel days of Hannah Montana. You might also remember her outrageous interviews and tumultuous relationships that put her in the spotlight for things other than her music and acting career. With everything that was portrayed in the media, one thing that she made loud […]

How Do I Know I Am Done?

People come into recovery thinking that they are done living in their active addiction and are ready to move into their recovery. The problem is that just thinking that they are finished with their underhanded ways is not enough. Action has to take place and this includes discussing any reservations, urges, plans, triggers, or cravings, […]

How to Have the Best Summer Ever and Stay Sober

Summertime is a season where people fantasize about being in the sunshine, on vacation at the beach, relaxing, and oh yeah – partying down with a drink in their hand. The summer months and drugs and alcohol go hand and hand with one another. The easy-going feel of summer and the relaxation of numbing out […]

Can I Stay Sober at a Wedding?

Sober at Wedding

As June kicks off the summer months, we find ourselves in the “wedding season”. Couples love to say their nuptials in front of friends and family when the weather is beautiful, and they can celebrate with cake and a champagne toast. Many couples cannot imagine getting married without including alcohol to take away the jitters […]

Can I Stay Sober This Easter?

sober Easter

There are some days where staying sober can be harder than others. Family holidays such as Easter, which is also a religious holiday, can be difficult to navigate. When you have used drinking and using drugs as your coping mechanism for so many years, being around your loved ones can be challenging. Even though you […]