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8 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Your Recovery

Participating in your recovery can seem daunting. All the different ways suggested to show up can be overwhelming. Attending weekly recovery meetings and attending weekly therapy sessions can seem like time wasted to what you really want to do. Meeting with a sponsor and working the 12-Steps, while being of service to others along the […]

Do I Have to Relapse?

When you attend recovery meetings, you hear people talk about their relapse and what happened to them. The problem you have is that you feel like everyone has relapsed in their story, so you are afraid that you will also have to experience a relapse. If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you […]

How Do I Know I Am Done?

People come into recovery thinking that they are done living in their active addiction and are ready to move into their recovery. The problem is that just thinking that they are finished with their underhanded ways is not enough. Action has to take place and this includes discussing any reservations, urges, plans, triggers, or cravings, […]