Monthly Archives: July 2020

Will I Ever Repair the Damage of My Past?

Shame and guilt are some of the worst feelings. In fact, you may have continued to drink alcohol and use drugs to avoid having to deal with these types of feelings altogether. Numbing out is what your addiction pulls you to do instead of trying to repair the damage of the past. The longer you […]

Why Do They Keep Saying I Am a Miracle in My Meetings?

Ever walk into a recovery meeting and hear someone say, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens?” If you haven’t, maybe you have heard someone tell you that you are a miracle. Comprehending this statement may throw you for a loop because you are not trying to hear anything religious. The truth is that miracles are […]

Do I Have to Relapse?

When you attend recovery meetings, you hear people talk about their relapse and what happened to them. The problem you have is that you feel like everyone has relapsed in their story, so you are afraid that you will also have to experience a relapse. If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you […]

Eminem: Celebrating 12 Years of Continuous Sobriety

One thing is for certain, the rapper Eminem is not afraid to share his recovery to the world. Twelve consecutive years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol gives him the ability to stand up and be proud of his accomplishment. After nearly dying from an overdose and deciding that drugs were no longer an option, […]

How Do I Develop Strong Spiritual Intuition?

One concern that people have during the throes of addiction is not making the right choices under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The longer the drugs and alcohol take effect, the worse a person’s moral reasoning is diminished. As their moralistic high ground continues to decline, the ability to connect to a higher power […]

Tips to Become Accountable in Recovery

To get, and stay, sober, accountability is one of the concepts in recovery that is a must. You would have already accomplished cessation if you were able to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own. For this reason alone, finding accountability in your recovery is more helpful than maybe you even understand. You show […]

Guide to Attaining Emotional Sobriety

Recovery starts with the quest to stop drinking and using drugs but it turns into a mission to learn how to live a fulfilling life. Turns out, staying sober is much easier when someone uses recovery principles in their daily life. Addiction centers in the mind, which means you have to retrain your thoughts from […]

Why Motivation Is Essential in Recovery

For any endeavor to work, there must be some motivation behind the effort, and a recovery program is no different. Without motivation in the equation, you will feel labored and directionless. Although getting sober was probably not on your agenda, once you channel the inspiration you need to remain sober, you will set yourself on […]

Why Acknowledgment Will Serve You Better Than Your Denial

One of the key characteristics of addiction is denial. Whether you refute that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, or think you are above getting help to stop, your addiction will trick you into thinking you are invincible under the influence. Once you start withdrawing, you may have a fleeting thought to get […]