Guide to Attaining Emotional Sobriety

Recovery starts with the quest to stop drinking and using drugs but it turns into a mission to learn how to live a fulfilling life. Turns out, staying sober is much easier when someone uses recovery principles in their daily life. Addiction centers in the mind, which means you have to retrain your thoughts from the obsession to use and drink to something more positive. During this process, what will be changing the most is emotional sobriety, which is an essential part of the transformation in recovery.

What Is Emotional Sobriety?

You can be sober and still feel annoyed, resentful, and entitled because you are human. When these emotions take over your ability to be happy, joyous, and free, there is a problem. Emotional sobriety means that you will remain helpful, considerate, or sober, no matter what anyone says or does. Achieving emotional sobriety may seem like a tall order, but it will be worth the effort you put in to try.

Why Do I Need Emotional Sobriety?

Doing the right thing just feels good! You did not get sober to be miserable all the time. You got sober to have healthy relationships, be successful at your job, and to be happy in all your endeavors. The truth is that you are more inclined to stay sober when you experience recovery as a positive thing instead of something you were forced to do. How you think, and act is what brings about emotional sobriety and leads you to do the right thing.

If emotional sobriety is your aim, you are heading in the right direction in your recovery. Remember that your emotional sobriety is based on progress rather than perfection, so if you have a bad day, give yourself a break. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can look in hindsight at your mistakes to make improvements. You need to daily work your recovery program, which will help you with the lifelong goal of attaining emotional sobriety.

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