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The Iceberg of Emotions

We often experience emotions as an iceberg. In the conscious mind, above the water, we consider our feelings — whether it’s anger, sadness, or joy. However, under the water lies the subconscious and unconscious minds. This is where we store painful memories and patterns of behavior that we have grown accustomed to experiencing. Due to […]

How Do I Find the Initiative to Heal?

In between cleaning up your consequences, working your program, showing up for your job, taking care of your family, managing a place to live, paying your bills, and self-care, the list goes on to make you wonder how you will ever find the time to heal. Recovery is meant as a gateway to improve, rehabilitate, […]

Ways to Stop Being so Frustrated in Recovery


As the days start to run together, the pink cloud you were once floating on may have started drifting away. Instead of feeling on fire for recovery, you start getting frustrated with how real life has become. Having to face the wreckage of the past, while feeling your feelings, can leave you overwhelmed once the […]

How Do You Deal with Feelings When their Hurt?

One of the reasons people relapse is because they wish to drink or use drugs when someone has hurt their feelings. Whether they feel like they are criticized at work, have been broken up with, or internalize a social media post, feelings can get injured quickly in an online world. As a person who suffers […]

Why Your Feelings May Be Your Biggest Problem Today

Why Your Feelings May Be Your Biggest Problem Today

One of the commonalities in recovery is that everyone seems to have issues with their feelings. Some suppress them with drugs and alcohol. Others are over-emotional about things that seem unreasonable and drink or use to stop the feelings. While another may have no idea how to express them at all except by getting drunk […]