Ways to Stop Being so Frustrated in Recovery


As the days start to run together, the pink cloud you were once floating on may have started drifting away. Instead of feeling on fire for recovery, you start getting frustrated with how real life has become. Having to face the wreckage of the past, while feeling your feelings, can leave you overwhelmed once the newness of recovery wears off. Rather than allow yourself to get frustrated and give up, you should keep going by using your recovery tools.

Talk to Someone

Taking the negative power out of your frustrations can be achieved by saying it out loud. You may think that you are complaining about everything, but saying it out loud actually answers more than you realize. By talking about your frustrations, you can let go of resentments instead of letting them swim around in your head. Changing your perspective can come from talking to someone who can help you comprehend the circumstances you are facing in recovery and provide a solution. 

Use Mindfulness

If you start spinning out on how hard life becomes, you may need something specific to help calm you down. Life happens to everyone, although you are blessed to have some tools in your recovery program that can help you cope with frustrations. Now you just need to pick them up and use them to your advantage. Mindfulness is one of those things that can bring peace and tranquility into your day. Connecting to a positive spiritual force can help you to focus on the things that are productive and constructive in your life. Taking time to slow down can help you to release all of the things that are holding you back so that you can keep moving forward in your recovery. 

Go to a Meeting

Being part of a support group may be the very thing to help you escape any feelings of frustration. If you attend a 12-Step meeting, you are likely to hear your story and then hear the solution. You are more likely to understand their language of hope when you are around others who are walking the journey to recovery as well.   

Frustrations will always be a part of life, but you do not have to harp on them for long. Do yourself a favor and take some contrary action to terminate temporary dissatisfaction. You will find more happiness finding a way through the negativity by focusing on a better direction.  

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