What Settling Financial Wreckage of the Past Really Involves

Many of us who suffer from addiction had accrued debts before we got sober, which needs to be paid off. Coming into recovery, we are broken and broke with no means to pay back the money that we borrowed or stole. While we may not realize the destructiveness of this behavior at first, there will come a time when we will. Whether we’re in therapy, or working the 12-Steps, we’ll discover the need to clean up the wreckage of our past, including financial matters we have incurred.

Why Do I Have to Settle Financial Matters?

As with resentment or harm to others, we must resolve these matters, or we will continue to suffer from the inside out. Situations that keep you from doing the right thing will morally weigh upon you mentally, spiritually, and even physically if you do not nip the negativity in the bud. The more the negativity festers, the more you can easily manifest the behaviors that could lead you right back to a drink or a drug. Through consecutively taking the actions that will improve your recovery, you will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Paying back what you owe is one of the things that will allow you to turn around your character and your self-worth.

How Do I Settle Financial Matters?

Keep in mind every situation will have a different outcome. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The point of settling financial matters is to stop harming others and to understand the gravity of what you put them through, so you do not repeat these actions. One example is stealing from the company you work for. If you went to them and admitted that you took from them, you could get fired, which could affect your dependents. Talking this over with your sponsor or therapist is imperative to ensure you are taking appropriate measures while also ensuring that everyone is still being taken care of. One option may be to admit your wrongs. The other may be to pay back the money by donating to a comparable charity. All these affairs will be resolved through different means. All you need is the willingness to do the right thing.

Who Do I Settle Financial Matters With?

First and foremost, you need to get clarity from your Higher Power. Spending time to find the right spiritual direction will improve the situation. Becoming forthright with a sponsor will also help you along in your journey to figure out the best route to take with each circumstance. Honesty will help you settle financial matters the most. Holding back certain things about your situation will only prolong your healing process because secrets keep you sick. If you have the right sponsor in your life, you can open up without feeling judged. They likely also had wreckage to clear up from their addiction and know what it feels like to have to make uncomfortable amends. Using their experience, strength, and hope to steer you into the proper direction will give you freedom from the wreckage of the past. Settling financial matters can take some time to fix. Having someone you trust by yourself to guide you will give a chance to make things right in the most appropriate way you can.

What Do I Settle Financial Matters With?

Not having any means to pay back your debts can make you feel less-than and make you want to run away from your financial matters instead of facing them head-on. You may have consequences to your actions, including collections, IRS investigations, or even jail time for theft. If you attempt to take care of your financial matters, people and organizations might applaud your effort to do the right thing and work with you. Running from them only makes matters worse. Starting over with your finances is not necessarily bad either. In that case, you will be experiencing a new financial lease on life while continuing to use your recovery methods for relief. The one day at a time method can also relate to your financial reparations by changing your perspective to one dollar at a time. You will proceed to have your debt paid off quicker than if you never started at all.

Yes, paying people back can be daunting and terrifying, but your strength will shine bright. It takes a strong person to admit what they have done and then attempt to make the situation right, especially when you give as much as you can when broke. Doing the right thing always feels better, although you will never know until you start the process. Take the leap of faith. Your serenity and your recovery will depend on it.

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