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Making Minor Adjustments for Major Change

small changes for big change

Making big changes seems overwhelming and too much for us to handle. Instead of shifting your focus all at once, it can be helpful to break down the overarching change into minor adjustments. By tweaking small aspects of your life here and there, you can ultimately see something grander take hold. If you want to […]

Why Consequences Equal Change in Recovery

Nothing changes if nothing changes. This statement pretty much sums up the intent to get into recovery and alter someone’s life for the better. Addiction releases unsubdued chaos that will not stop until someone decides that cessation of drugs and alcohol is the adjustment they need. A person who abuses substances will experience an abundance […]

Tips to Start the School Year With Uncertainty

How everyone will attend school next year is looking different for students, teachers, and parents across the country. With the global pandemic still creating the need for social distancing and precautions based on safety guidelines, there is uncertainty about how this will affect educational institutions. People who suffer from addiction may find their anxiety through […]

Why You Are Only Responsible For the Effort Not the Outcome


Look back and see how often you got what you wanted when you were running the show. You may have tried to control everything to no avail. Even when you were trying to score drugs and alcohol, many pieces needed to fall into place before you succeeded in seeking oblivion. Still, there were times, even […]