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What Does Recovery Look Like After Rehab?

The general perception of what could happen once you stop getting drunk and high is that everything will be boring and dull. Drugs and alcohol deceptively make you believe that without their elusive effects, life will be over. You may be worrying about how you will ever get married without a champagne toast or how […]

How Do You Know If You Have a Good Sponsor?

Sponsorship is a crucial element in staying sober. Having someone who knows what it is like to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, can guide you in their personal experience, and walk you through the 12-Steps is an integral part of learning how to stay sober. Beyond the necessary qualifications that you should look for […]

What You Should Know About National Recovery Month

Every year in September, National Recovery Month is observed to increase awareness and celebrate those who have been successful in their recovery journey. With the hopes to educate the public and showcase the positive side of recovery, people are reminded that mental health issues and addiction can affect anyone. Showing that there is a way […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Some of the common questions people in recovery get are, “How long do you have to go to those classes?” or “When can you start drinking or using with us again?” Someone who is not addicted to drugs and alcohol may not understand that recovery has to continue for a lifetime, one day at a […]

8 Opportunities You Will Find in Recovery

Addiction can limit people from being the best version of themselves. Opportunities tend to dry up when addiction is involved because of the way that drugs and alcohol will progressively affect someone. These substances can isolate, hinder, and handicap a person to keep them from serving the purpose they were meant to deliver during their […]

Self-Care Without Guilt

Self-Care Without Guilt

As you align in your recovery program, your spiritual principles are meant to mold you into a selfless version of yourself. You were taught to give to others, and during the process, you may give everything you got without leaving anything for yourself. Self-care is imperative for this reason and can make you stronger in […]

Will My Marriage Survive in Sobriety?

Vows are taken to solidify a marriage, but what that really entails is full of unknowns. There is no way to foresee how “in sickness and in health” will relate specifically to each married couple. While there may have been signs of addiction all along, there may be a time when everything that was going […]

What Are the Markers of Shame?

One of the reasons people continue to drink alcohol and use drugs addictively is because the shame they experience is often too big of a burden to carry. Turning to these mind-altering substances to numb these feelings might work in the short-term, but a person’s self-esteem and confidence will decline tremendously in the duration of […]

Elton John Celebrates 30 Years of Sobriety

Celebrities getting sober is a fantastic way to show hope in recovery. Knowing that they can get sober while being in the spotlight and their ritzy lifestyles comes with the misconception they do not need to get sober because they already live the life everybody else wants to have. With Elton John, 1990 proved to […]

How to Prevent Relapse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With no vaccine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses, schools, and places of worship are still being affected throughout the country. The limitations that are being implemented have not been natural to accept for many, making relapse too close for comfort. Anxiety, stress, and depression can all be prevalent with the ever-changing policies and […]