How to Prevent Relapse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With no vaccine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses, schools, and places of worship are still being affected throughout the country. The limitations that are being implemented have not been natural to accept for many, making relapse too close for comfort. Anxiety, stress, and depression can all be prevalent with the ever-changing policies and procedures mandated by the government.

This insecurity could be enough to give someone a reason to reach for a drug or drink to cope, which could be detrimental for their recovery. Instead of throwing out all your hard work with a relapse, here are some ways to keep you on track.

Be of Service to Someone Else in Need

People that are immunocompromised need to stay home to keep from catching the virus. Take them some groceries or run errands for them so they can stay safe. Show up for recovery meetings, whether they are in person or online. Keep in mind to practice your recovery principles in all your dealings so that you continue to be selfless even when you may disagree with the things going on around you.

This will keep your recovery and everyone involved healthy and protected. Plus, when you think of someone else in need, you can distract yourself from thinking about drugs and alcohol, stop yourself from feeling isolated, and relieve your mental health.

Suit Up and Show Up Regardless

Even though everything has not gone back to what you once knew, and maybe it never will, you can make the best of your new normal. Continue to call your sponsor. Use telehealth services to your advantage to keep your therapy appointments. Find new ways to meditate.

Go for a daily walk with your Higher Power. Use your recovery literature to your advantage. Listen to speaker tapes or sober podcasts for a virtual meeting. Video chat with recovery friends regularly. Jump on Zoom meetings as you can find one streaming all day, every day.

The point is to continue to use your program, your recovery people, and your Higher Power to give you a better chance to change your perspective before relapse becomes an option. Relapse is often discussed in great depth in recovery because no one is exempt from the possibility of getting drunk and high again.

Trying to understand why relapse happens and how to prevent it is the crux to staying sober one day at a time. The more you know, the better choices you can make. Choosing to stay sober is absolutely the best choice you can make, so keep on keeping on.

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