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Why Do I Have Relearn Life Skills?

As drug and alcohol addiction demolished your life, you may not have realized the full extent of your wreckage. As you “come to” in your sobriety and start to go through the damage that you have caused, there is no way to comprehend everything. This wreckage includes entitlement, selfishness, dishonesty, fear, and cynicism. These things […]

How to Become Constructive and not Destructive


Getting sober does not necessarily mean that changes happen automatically.c You must take the initiative to alter your behaviors in a more appropriate way for your recovery program. First, you must change your thinking so that your actions will follow. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will also be doing negative things. Think back […]

How Do I Deal with The News of a Loved One’s Medical Diagnosis in Recovery?

There may come a time when a loved one comes down with a severe medical ailment that makes you spin out of control with fear. You may start pondering how you will live without your loved one. How can you accept them with all the changes that will come about? Will they still know you? […]

Why Should I Celebrate Dad Now that He is Sober?

For most of your life, your father may have consumed copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, embarrassing you every step of the way. When you were around him, you never knew which one of his personalities you would be experiencing. Instead, you walked around on egg-shells or became suspicious of his great mood because you […]

Ways to Stop Being so Frustrated in Recovery


As the days start to run together, the pink cloud you were once floating on may have started drifting away. Instead of feeling on fire for recovery, you start getting frustrated with how real life has become. Having to face the wreckage of the past, while feeling your feelings, can leave you overwhelmed once the […]

What Settling Financial Wreckage of the Past Really Involves

Many of us who suffer from addiction had accrued debts before we got sober, which needs to be paid off. Coming into recovery, we are broken and broke with no means to pay back the money that we borrowed or stole. While we may not realize the destructiveness of this behavior at first, there will […]

What is Keeping You from Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment?


As you progress through your recovery, you start to see the necessity of connecting to a Higher Power as a means of staying sober. The problem that you are running into is that you are having a difficult time trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment. While you may have thought that finding your spiritual way would […]

How to Navigate Through Uncertainty with Sobriety


Life is full of twists and turns, which can create feelings of adversity when you are really looking for some triumph. More people have found themselves fearing the unknown with the state of the world and the uncertainty of a country divided by a global pandemic. Luckily, a recovery program was made to navigate these […]

How Do You Deal with Feelings When their Hurt?

One of the reasons people relapse is because they wish to drink or use drugs when someone has hurt their feelings. Whether they feel like they are criticized at work, have been broken up with, or internalize a social media post, feelings can get injured quickly in an online world. As a person who suffers […]

What Do My Character Defects Even Mean?

As you started making your way through the 12-Steps, your primary intention was to learn about yourself. It is crucial to spot the patterns in your life that hold you back. In this way, you can identify your character defects and be rid of them or turn them into strengths. The problem with discovering your […]