How to Become Constructive and not Destructive


Getting sober does not necessarily mean that changes happen automatically.c You must take the initiative to alter your behaviors in a more appropriate way for your recovery program. First, you must change your thinking so that your actions will follow. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will also be doing negative things.

Think back to the times you were drinking and using, and remember the shady things you did under the influence. Drugs and alcohol lower your inhibitions and lead you to do risky things that you probably would not attempt when sober, but sobriety is not enough. When you do something long enough, it becomes a part of who you are, which is why cessation alone is insufficient. Taking your recovery seriously will change your thoughts and ultimately improve your behaviors from being destructive to become constructive.

Appreciate what you can

Finding things to be grateful for every day can eliminate your negative perspective. Gratitude will help you see the beautiful things you have in your life instead of messing everything up with drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol poison you to believe things are worse than they are. Trying to rebuild your life means that you will be humble and thankful for what is truly important.

Give back where you can

Service helps you to build a sense of belonging that is important to help you think about others rather than yourself. When you are of service to others, you are working towards becoming selfless. Distracting yourself from your thoughts and actions is vital. Service enables you to stop thinking selfishly about yourself and your situation and give back instead. Being in service always saves the day.

Ask for help when you can

Having others in your life who understand what you have been through in your addiction will allow you to ask for help when you need it. Strength comes from being able to discern that you cannot get sober alone, or you would have already succeeded. Asking for help can make all the difference in achieving long-term recovery.

Sobriety is about changing the things that are in your control and being granted the wisdom to know the things you cannot. When you get in enough pain in your addiction, you will stop the destruction and get in the mode of reconstruction. Staying in gratitude, being of service, and participating in the fellowship in your recovery are all ways to rebuild your life.

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