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How to Support Your Child During Your Divorce

Daughter sitting sadly while her parents are fighting

Divorce is a painful process, and unfortunately, children often experience the impact of divorce long after it is over. It is common for children to exhibit frequent, intense emotional outbursts or sudden shifts in their mood and mannerisms during a separation or divorce. As a parent, you might feel frustrated when your child exhibits a […]

The Value of Nature as a Means to Cope

outdoor activities

Nature helps so many overcome their life stressors. It serves as a means for so many to cope. When someone is ill, several studies have proven that looking out at nature or a painting of greenery can have a significant impact on improving their health outcomes. You can use nature as a means to cope […]

Learning to Forgive Yourself

Many times in life, we are presented with an opportunity to forgive someone. A person will ask for forgiveness for something they said or did, hoping for acceptance and amnesty. Often, people find they can extend that courtesy to someone else, yet they find it difficult to forgive themselves. This double standard can do real […]

What Are the Most Common Coping Mechanisms?

Getting through life at any stage at times can be unbearable. Dealing with all the obstacles that come up are difficult to manage when a person has no coping skills to take them through. Trying to wing a crisis situation can be tough to navigate with high anxiety and complete panic. Finding ways to calm […]