What Are the Most Common Coping Mechanisms?

Getting through life at any stage at times can be unbearable. Dealing with all the obstacles that come up are difficult to manage when a person has no coping skills to take them through. Trying to wing a crisis situation can be tough to navigate with high anxiety and complete panic. Finding ways to calm yourself in events that stress you out could make a difference in how you respond under pressure. 

Discover what soothes you.

The best thing you can do before you run into a scary scenario is to figure out what helps you to come to a place of peacefulness. Whether you carry around a stress ball, meditate, pray, or using some breathing techniques you have been practicing, using something easy as a go-to can help you to handle the stress when things seem to be falling down around you. Soothing yourself gives you the ability to be present and make good decisions while helping others around you who may be frightened.

Talk about your feelings.

Although you want to keep it together for everyone around that could also be affected, when you start to feel overwhelmed, you should express that to someone including yourself. If you suppress your feelings for too long, you will come to a place where you will be inundated with emotions that could cause more anxiety later. What you will find by talking out your feelings is that you are not unique because others will most likely have felt the way you feel and help you to find your way to the solution. 

Ask for help when you need it. 

Trying to go through a hardship alone is not really feasible unless you are on a deserted island all by yourself. No one will fault you for asking for help especially when others are going through the crisis too. A crisis will bring people together in unity so that everyone can get through the situation the best they can. Although you may want to be the one who saves the day, sometimes letting others take the lead when you may be paralyzed with taking the next indicated step will show you exhibiting your strength from within  

Understanding what your coping mechanisms are and how to use them will allow you to be ready when times get rough. Do your best to get ready so that when something unthinkable happens you are sure to get through it with grace and dignity. 

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