Monthly Archives: August 2020

Will I Be Able to Send My Loved One to Rehab Involuntarily?

When a loved one seems out of control and near death from addiction, you may have no idea what to do for them. After exhausting every effort to help them, including enabling them and acting co-dependently, you may have decided that enough is enough. You can no longer go on living with the problem without […]

Ways to Own Your Uniqueness

Have you ever heard the phrase terminal uniqueness? If you have, you know that it’s not a term of endearment, but really gives the impression of entitlement. Terminal uniqueness happens to many who are recovering from drugs and alcohol because they believe they are above the law, and the rules that are for everyone do […]

Compassion: We Are All Recovering From Something

With all the turmoil that the world has had to endure this year, the one thing that seems to be lacking is having compassion for one another. Trying to find acceptance with someone who has different opinions and possibly conflicting values, can be difficult to generate. The truth is that everyone is someone’s daughter or […]

How Do I Make the Most of Each Sober Day?

Getting sober can create many exciting opportunities, but there will be those days when you will not be feeling it. Life on life’s terms still occurs even when you believe that when you stop drinking or using drugs, everything will automatically be much better. Staying sober means that you have to make the most of […]

How Do I Find the Initiative to Heal?

In between cleaning up your consequences, working your program, showing up for your job, taking care of your family, managing a place to live, paying your bills, and self-care, the list goes on to make you wonder how you will ever find the time to heal. Recovery is meant as a gateway to improve, rehabilitate, […]

Tips to Start the School Year With Uncertainty

How everyone will attend school next year is looking different for students, teachers, and parents across the country. With the global pandemic still creating the need for social distancing and precautions based on safety guidelines, there is uncertainty about how this will affect educational institutions. People who suffer from addiction may find their anxiety through […]

Why Do They Want to Hear My Share?

A jarring aspect of recovery meetings is getting called on to share, especially if you are new. Talking about your awkward feelings and the adverse situations that happened while you were under the influence of mind-altering substances is not easy. Vulnerability is the name of the game in recovery, which does not come easily for […]