Ways to Own Your Uniqueness

Have you ever heard the phrase terminal uniqueness? If you have, you know that it’s not a term of endearment, but really gives the impression of entitlement. Terminal uniqueness happens to many who are recovering from drugs and alcohol because they believe they are above the law, and the rules that are for everyone do not apply to them.

Often, this mentality can be dangerous enough to make someone pick up drugs and alcohol again because they talk themselves into believing that no one could ever possibly understand their plight, so why should they even try?

As long as you keep an eye on any justifications to drink and use drugs again, you can keep moving forward in your recovery and focus on your uniqueness. You may have been taught to look for the similarities instead of the differences to give you a better outlook and accept your recovery ongoing.

That concept, however, should not take away from what makes you, you. Especially now that you are sober and becoming who you were meant to be. By honoring what makes you special, you can transmit that wonderfulness onto others.

Assemble Your Squad

You need cheerleaders, support, and enlightenment. One way to accept your uniqueness is to be around others who appreciate you precisely the way you are. Friends and loved ones who want you to stay sober will encourage you to keep being the person you are in recovery and to keep going. Instead of trying to go at recovery alone, you will benefit from the power that comes from the number of people that stand beside you and you for them.

Focus on Your Strengths

Sometimes, it can be easier to believe the negative things you have done are what define you. Uniqueness means accepting the positive characteristics that you possess like your strengths. Getting sober takes tremendous courage. When you consider everything that you had to go through to surrender to your addiction, you should acknowledge that you are stronger than you ever realized before.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Any comparison will be the thief of your uniqueness if you believe that everyone is better than you. You may think you are weird or different, although you should just accept that you are lovely just the way you are. Embrace your spiritual gifts and use your uniqueness to your advantage.

Understand that your experience will be different to give you your unique outlook to recovery. Rather than worry about what others think of you, own your insight and share with others what you have discovered to assist you in staying sober.

Normal Is Overrated

In case you are wondering, there is no such thing as normal when it comes to people. The only “normal” thing to do is to be a good person by attempting to be helpful, considerate, and sober. Normal means playing it safe by doing what everyone else is doing. You were meant for more, and if you are trying to be normal, you will repress your full potential.

Instead of trying to achieve normalcy, try to achieve being the best version of yourself without worrying about what others will think of you. There is no need to be hard on yourself for not being what society deems as normal. All you need to be is what your higher power has called you to be, and only then can you feel normal.

Magnetize Your Uniqueness

Once you start believing in yourself and owning your recovery, people will become attractive to your confidence. Recovery is a nice change to make. You will not even have to tell everyone what you are doing because they will notice the changes in you, maybe even before you see them in yourself. Allowing others to guide and inspire you will be vital because you can see personal transformation as a reality.

Therapy will be specialized for your specific case, and you will be given suggestions on how to work the 12 steps, but your experience and practice will be unique to what you need to stay sober. Although you may be following what others say to do to recover, you still get to bring your individuality to the table.

Know Who You Are

Drugs and alcohol keep you from getting to know the real person on the inside of you. Numbing out your feelings, thoughts, and emotions makes you become someone else under the influence. When you get sober, you will have to use inventories to indicate why you wanted to drink and use instead of honor who you are.

As you start seeing your shortcomings and self-esteem issues firsthand, you are allowing yourself to see the lies that your addiction fed you to develop the terminal uniqueness you have suffered from. Now is the chance to take back your power and love thy self in truth and tolerance of your uniqueness.

You were uniquely made in your mother’s womb, and you should strive to accept your role in life without trying to be something you are not. Yes, life can be difficult with the opinions of others, but do your best not to conform. Stay on track to be authentic, and you will get to a point where you will appreciate your uniqueness as a way of your daily life in recovery.

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