Compassion: We Are All Recovering From Something

With all the turmoil that the world has had to endure this year, the one thing that seems to be lacking is having compassion for one another. Trying to find acceptance with someone who has different opinions and possibly conflicting values, can be difficult to generate.

The truth is that everyone is someone’s daughter or son and everyone is recovering from something that has happened to them in their life. If we were to think in this capacity, maybe there would be a bigger chance that we could be united as humans instead of constantly battling one another.

As someone who is in recovery, you have the tools and fortitude to make room for others’ compassion. You have probably craved compassion from others who you may have affected with your drinking and using. By putting yourself in other people’s shoes, you can find compassion in your heart to remain nonjudgmental and agree to disagree.

Use Spiritual Principles for Guidance

When in doubt of how you should respond, look at a list of your spiritual principles and see which one will assist you. No one is perfect, but if you have a guiding force in your recovery that directs you, you will have a better chance of demonstrating what compassion looks like with others. Be the example that you wish to see, and you will influence with light and love.

Practice the Watchwords for Peace

Patience, tolerance, understanding, and love are the watchwords of recovery. How awesome would it be to see more of this prevail rather than the adversity of everyone’s fears? You can carry some weight with the mentality that these watchwords provoke in goodness. Whatever you do, do not let the behaviors and words of others remove your inner peace.

All the world needs more of is compassion, and you can make a difference with your contribution. Thankfully, you are in recovery, which gives you a design for living to become equipped with how to deal with difficult people, set boundaries, and do the right things. Use your light and shine it on others, so they can experience compassion and continue passing it onto others.

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