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The Two Dimensions of Fearing Intimacy


Intimacy is an integral part of the recovery process, with each journey being a wholly personal and emotional venture. However, while intimacy is an essential part of recovery, it is also one of the most difficult and vulnerable parts of the process, and an individual could be resisting these feelings of intimacy for a couple […]

Finding Your Family in Recovery

family in recovery

Family plays an integral role throughout many aspects of each individual’s life. However, the idea of a “family” can mean many things, with each individual having their own understanding of the word. Finding one’s supportive and empathetic family throughout the recovery process can be crucial in establishing effective support systems and creating an atmosphere of […]

Trust and Trauma in Recovery

trust and trauma

Trauma impacts an individual in many unique ways, any of which can make it difficult to cope with daily events. Those suffering from traumatic experiences can find their thoughts invaded by unwanted and harrowing images, and even a good night’s sleep can feel like a distant impossibility. However, before an individual can begin to tackle […]

The Relationship Between Therapist and Client


The relationship between the therapist and the client is a working relationship that depends on how the client wants to direct conversations. In this relationship, there are varying degrees of transference and countertransference. The relationship evolves over time, and in a healthy, working relationship, the client will disclose some of the most intimate aspects of […]

Leaning on Friendship

leaning on friendship

Sometimes in life, our job or our romantic relationships are not bringing us the satisfaction we seek. This is when friendship becomes fundamental. Friendship is a form of intimacy that is often overlooked and under-discussed. Our friends, however, carry us through the most tumultuous of times. Consistency Friendships can be some of the most consistent […]

Why Your Social Network Matters

your support network

Do you feel well connected to your community? Do you feel isolated sometimes? Both of these questions play into the overarching idea of a social network. A social network is the fabric of support surrounding you during a crisis. Who you interact with matters. Overlapping Network This is the type of network built upon crisscrossing […]

Practicing Assertive Communication

There are many different styles of communication but if you are trying to express your needs calmly and succinctly, you should consider practicing assertive communication. Using this communication tactic, you can state your intentions clearly without overlooking your needs or overpowering others with them. When compared to the alternatives of passive and aggressive communication, assertive […]

Dating in Recovery

Forming romantic relationships after addiction can be a challenge. You may struggle with lower self-esteem even in sobriety or just feel uncomfortable bringing up your past in a “getting to know you” setting. It is okay to feel uncomfortable when meeting new people after going through something so traumatic. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, […]