Finding Your Family in Recovery

family in recovery

Family plays an integral role throughout many aspects of each individual’s life. However, the idea of a “family” can mean many things, with each individual having their own understanding of the word. Finding one’s supportive and empathetic family throughout the recovery process can be crucial in establishing effective support systems and creating an atmosphere of acceptance and progress. Finding one’s own family is a profound experience, and being open to the various forms that such a family may take is critical as not all families will have the same kind or number of supportive members.

The Tremendous Impact of Families

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing families is typically the idea of the biological family — a mother, father, as well as siblings that may have been present since one’s birth. These families shape and mold an individual throughout their developmental years and beyond and have a large degree of influence over the kind of environment and values that an individual may hold.

However, while these influences are often fundamental and dictate much of an individual’s worldview, the unfortunate truth is that these influences are not necessarily always a positive experience. The hugely influential nature of these families can be positively supportive and can understand an individual’s journey with addiction from beginning to end, offering support along each step of the way.

However, the environments created by these families can also introduce an individual to substance abuse at an early age or create tense emotional, mental, or physical situations that may make addictive substances look like they can provide the desired escape. Finding a family in recovery has to consider these aspects to build the best possible support group for their own recovery and sustained sobriety.

What Does a Family Entail?

Building one’s own family in recovery doesn’t necessarily have to be done by the traditional confines or understanding of a biological family. Rather, it can be more effective to address one’s recovery family from an approach of trust and support, meaning that close friends, peers met throughout the recovery process — and even trusted professionals — can all become part of one’s recovery family. In an atmosphere of change and uncertainty throughout recovery, trust can be the most crucial element to look for in a family. Being able to pick out supportive individuals amidst those who otherwise may not fully understand recovery can be an empowering step towards one’s own healing and betterment.

Your family through recovery is filled with trusted, supportive people who want to help you succeed through your trying journey, regardless of any kind of blood relation. Valiant Living understands and embraces this fluid nature of family and works to provide each person with a supportive community and atmosphere to help you find your essential family members. Our men’s facility champions the idea of both individuality, allowing each person to develop their own personalized recovery plans, all while remaining a tightly-knit, recovery-focused environment. For more information on how we can personalize your stay with us, call us today at (303) 952-5035.