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What is the Nature of Addiction?

What is the Nature of Addiction?

No one wants to think that they are selfish and self-centered. With addiction, unfortunately, there is no way around the selfish and self-centered ways that occur when someone drinks and uses. From legal woes to jails, hospitals, abandoning loved ones, driving drunk, stealing, and many other adverse actions, a person becomes indulgent in their addiction […]

Is “Doctor Shopping” Still a Trend?

People who become addicted to prescription medication will do anything they can to keep these “legal” drugs flowing for them. Whether they steal from medicine cabinets they have access to or try to buy pills off people who already have prescriptions, they could also try doctor shopping. Rather than have one physician to prescribe the […]

What Should I Watch For Regarding Suicide in the New Year?

Now that the Holidays are over, reality sets in that there is a New Year ahead. For some, this is an exciting time to make changes to compensate for last year’s mistakes, and for others, fear paralyzes them completely. Instead of being confident of what the New Year can bring to them, they cannot get […]

What Should You Know About Xanax?

What Should You Know About Xanax?

Anxiety is a real condition that can be debilitating in adults and in kids. People who experience anxiety have intense levels of fear and worry about everyday things that might be perceived as minimal to other people. What happens during these times of anxiety is nonstop feelings of uncontrollable terror or panic. In order to […]

Is the Show “Intervention” a Real Representation of Addiction?

Reality TV shows often get a bad rap for provoking the people on the show into acting in an explosive and dramatic way to get more ratings. The producers are known to conjure up situations and settings that might otherwise lead someone to appear outrageous which makes viewers question the validity of the “reality”.  The […]

Getting to the Root of Your Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone from any background, social status, race, and gender. When you are addicted, it can be difficult to understand why you developed an addiction in the first place. Some people are at a higher risk of developing an addiction than others are. There are factors that contribute […]

5 Ways Addiction Changes Your Behavior

A substance use disorder can make your life worse in many ways. It can damage your career, your relationships, your health, your finances, and even get you in legal trouble. Friends and family members are often most troubled by how substance use changes their loved one’s behavior and personality. Substances have a powerful effect on […]