What is the Nature of Addiction?

What is the Nature of Addiction?

No one wants to think that they are selfish and self-centered. With addiction, unfortunately, there is no way around the selfish and self-centered ways that occur when someone drinks and uses. From legal woes to jails, hospitals, abandoning loved ones, driving drunk, stealing, and many other adverse actions, a person becomes indulgent in their addiction without really meaning to. The self-seeking actions that a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol exhibits take effect on everyone who comes into contact with them. 

Mental health issues can also arise making the problems even more complicated than they already are with addiction. The stigma of addiction is formed from these behaviors that take place when someone is high or drunk and then carries over into their sobriety. Impulsive behaviors, irresponsibility, low self-esteem, isolation, dishonesty, and irritability are just some of the traits that can continue to prevail from addictive behaviors. The drugs and alcohol are just a symptom of something more serious that gives a bad rap to a good person. In order to understand addiction, here are some of the reasons people who suffer from drugs and alcohol keep using and drinking when they know they should stop.

They feel like they have no other choice. 

The perception of addiction is that people who are using and drinking really want to. While this could be true at first, most people who suffer from addiction actually do suffer from addiction. Addiction is based on an allergy of the body and an obsession in the mind. Once someone who is prone to addiction consumes drugs and alcohol whatsoever, they cannot stop. There is something in their brain that is triggered that keeps telling them that they could handle more. This obsession is relentless in making the body fell inept without the effects of drugs and alcohol filling them up. 

They do not know how to stop. 

Sure, a loved one can push them into the direction of rehab or a 12-Step program, but many who battle addiction do not think that these programs are powerful enough to take down their addiction. A person who needs help to stop using and drinking may also think that they are not as bad as they are, so they are not interested in taking any means to do so. They believe that their friends and family are simply trying to control them rather than help them. 

They feel like a failure.

Sometimes people do not want to help themselves because they do not have any hope to make the changes that are necessary. They often choose to stay where they are because they do not want to also fail at recovery.   

The nature of addiction is something that is more complex than just meets the eye. Every case and every person are different when it comes to helping someone to get help with their addiction. To help them, the best thing you can do is help yourself and get educated. Although this is not your problem initialing, unfortunately, you are close enough to be associated. They may be self-centered due to their addiction, but you can still be giving and be part of their solution for your own peace of mind.

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