What “Spring Cleaning” Could Mean for Your Recovery

What “Spring Cleaning” Could Mean for Your Recovery

Every year after winter ends and springtime starts, there is a certain buzz in the air where people start enjoying the sunshine and milder weather once again. You can see people exercising more and cleaning out their houses after being cooped up during the cold weather. Cleaning out closets and purging hoarded items can really make a difference in someone’s attitude. Getting rid of unneeded things and reorganizing the important ones can help a person to see their house in a new light and make them feel better on the whole.

The same can go for you in your recovery. A little “spring cleaning” every once in a while, can really enhance your sobriety. Looking at yourself and how people, places, and things fit into your daily life is important. Discover, uncover, and discard is an important method to adapt and here’s how it works.

Work the 12-Steps again.

If you have not done the 12-Steps in completion, you should. The inventories that are part of the process will help you get rid of the negativity instilled from drug and alcohol addiction. Suppressing the pain and suffering you have endured will no doubt cause resentments, fear, and unhealthy relationships. Processing them through the structure of the steps can help you see patterns, change the behaviors, and clean out your inside for the betterment of your sobriety. 

Look at your character defects. 

As you continue to grow in your sobriety, you will continue to have your character flaws revealed to you in different scenarios. Rather than just accept the behaviors as part of your being, you have an opportunity to work on them. Your weakness also has a counterpart of strength that you can replace by finding out what you are getting out of your negative behaviors in the first place. Holding onto unfavorable mannerisms and behaviors can keep you stagnant in your recovery and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You have to agree to go to any lengths to stay sober which means ridding yourself from the defects of character that affect your peace of mind. 

“Spring cleaning” in recovery is a good idea every once in a while. Rather than worrying about what is wrong with everyone else, you should take a look at yourself and make the changes you can actually control. Then you can look at others in their eyes and be proud of the person you are becoming in sobriety. 

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