Are There Coincidences in Recovery?

Have you ever encountered something that you could not believe happened the way it went down? Eerily, you may have wondered how in the world did that even occur for me? If this something that you have experienced, you may be confused as to what ensued especially if you have a difficult time with accepting spirituality. 

“God shot” is a term that is used in recovery to define something that is extraordinary beyond comprehension. When something that is quite unbelievable happens with no explanation, people are prone to identifying this as a coincidence, especially when they have no belief in a higher power. Trying to explain why you did not die in a situation when you clearly should have. Deciphering how legitimate funds unexpectantly came about when you thought you would not make your budget. These are a few ways that something greater than yourself, a Higher Power, showed up without coincidence and here’s what is really happening.

Your struggles are being met by your surrender.

Once you decide to stop fighting everyone and everything, the world gets bigger. Rather than drinking and using to numb your pain, you are using your recovery as a way to better your life. Surrendering to the components that are keeping you a hostage will give you a better shot at becoming the person that your Higher Power wants you to be. 

Your difficulties are being resolved through your willingness.

All you need to do to start seeing these beautiful occurrences exactly the way they are meant to be. Instead of viewing them as just strange coincidences, be willing to go to any lengths in your recovery. By having just a small amount of compliance to do the things that you were meant to do, like get sober, you can start seeing where your Higher Power made an appearance just for you. Sure, it can be easy to be cynical, but going with the flow of energy is the best way to see where you really are in your recovery. 

One might say this is your Higher Power doing for you what you could not do for yourself and leave it at that. We say that your Higher Power did for you and showed off in the process because you are deserving of all the amazing spiritual kismet that comes your way.

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