Esteemable Acts: Keeping Up with Your Therapy

Esteemable Acts: Keeping Up with Your Therapy

Taking care of yourself through esteemable acts is an important concept for your upkeep in recovery. Esteemable acts are the actions that create or recreate the self-esteem that you may have lost during the chaos of your addiction. Continuing to do the things that helped you to get sober in the first place, such as therapy, is important to maintain. Although you may feel like you have graduated from therapy in your continuum of care, you would be surprised how much continuing to use therapy can help you to stay sober. 

You have many layers that still need revealing. 

No matter how long you have been sober, there is more to be revealed. With your addiction, trauma, and pain you have endured, you have a considerable amount that needs to be acknowledged. The 12-Steps are great to break down the barriers, but with therapeutic measures, you can uncover the root cause to help you remain sober. Using therapy to your advantage will pay off more than you can imagine and make you feel better overall.

You can always use relevant tools and resources.

Pulling back the layers of your past can show you where you need to do more work. Therapy is a great way to continue learning new tools and different therapy modalities to influence your recovery. You may have liked talk therapy in early sobriety, but now wish to seek different holistic therapies or vice versa. Seeking the positive aspects of therapy will enhance what you are already doing to stay sober.

You will need coping skills for life in sobriety.

As you progress in your sobriety, the pink cloud you may have been floating on could have dissipated to land you in living turmoil. In order to cope with what life throws your way, you will continuously need to find new ways to work through these stressful events. Coping skills are imperative to navigate through your recovery because there is no cure for addiction. Your addiction is waiting patiently to get you back in its throes without any warning to you. Without understanding how your addiction works, you could find yourself getting close to picking up a drink or a drug. With coping skills intact, you will have the ability to have victory over your addiction all of the time.

Even though you may feel like therapy is not for you, give it a try. Make sure you have a therapist that you connect with and get to work! You will be happy with your progress if you keep going to any lengths in therapy. 

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