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What is Community Care?

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We often hear about the importance of self-care in the era of mental health clickbait and an increasing desire for likes on social media. But what about community care? What about putting systems in place so that people don’t feel so alone in the world? It Starts With a Neighborhood Imagine neighbors passing one another with […]

Group Celebrations Enhance Your Life

Father and son having fun at the breakfast table

Gatherings of people to celebrate an important milestone in their lives can bring so much joy to life. Finally, we are reaching a point in this global pandemic where people can start celebrating weddings, graduations, holidays, and more. Congregating in groups allows us to relate to one another and form momentous energy around major accomplishments. […]

Why Your Social Network Matters

your support network

Do you feel well connected to your community? Do you feel isolated sometimes? Both of these questions play into the overarching idea of a social network. A social network is the fabric of support surrounding you during a crisis. Who you interact with matters. Overlapping Network This is the type of network built upon crisscrossing […]

Singer Melissa Etheridge’s Foundation Honors Her Son Who Lost His Battle With Opioid Addiction

For three decades, singer Melissa Etheridge made news for her powerful songs, multiple Grammy nominations, and influence on the world of rock music. Her albums and singles have sold millions of copies, and tickets to the Kansas singer’s concerts sell fast. This past May, Etheridge’s name made news when her son Beckett died of an […]

How to Be of Service on Earth Day

How to Be of Service on Earth Day

As sober members of recovery, we can always use new ways to be of service to keep it refreshing and fun. Service is an important aspect of recovery which can be expanded outside of the rooms of recovery through finding local organizations to volunteer at. Another way to find inspiring service options is to find […]

How Do I Make Friends in Recovery?

How Do I Make Friends in Recovery?

The best thing about starting over in recovery is that you get an opportunity to put your life back together in a way that is more beneficial than what happened during your addiction. Starting your life over in recovery, however, can be lonely. Changing your playgrounds and playmates can be difficult to fathom, although you […]