How to Be of Service on Earth Day

How to Be of Service on Earth Day

As sober members of recovery, we can always use new ways to be of service to keep it refreshing and fun. Service is an important aspect of recovery which can be expanded outside of the rooms of recovery through finding local organizations to volunteer at.

Another way to find inspiring service options is to find seasonal opportunities. On April 22nd, we will celebrate Earth Day as a way to give back to our planet and try to repair the destruction we have caused and better equip future generations. 


How Do I Find Activities? 

To see what your community is doing locally is as easy as Googling “Earth Day” in your search engine or going to your city’s homepage to find out what they are hosting in your area. If you do not feel like volunteering at these Earth Day events, you can still go and find ways to be of service to the earth, ongoing.

There may be Earth Day festivals that can show you how to recycle, provide earth conservation, help with wildlife conservation, show you alternative energy vehicles, demonstrate ecotourism opportunities, inform you with organic gardening tips — the list goes on. 


How Does Helping the Planet Help My Recovery?

Being one with the earth can deepen your spiritual connection with your Higher Power. Using the earth in all its glory can give you a natural high.

Add being of service to that equation and just by giving back, you will feel enamored with all the Earth has to offer to you. Think back to the times you played at the park or went swimming as a kid.

Soaking in the sun, the fresh air, and all the essentials of nature made you feel alive after staying indoors. As you have probably broadened your schedule beyond your scope, getting back to the fundamental outlook of being a kid connecting with the planet can help combat addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Going outside is free, and using the Earth’s resources such as the grass, the ocean, or clean air can change a negative perspective to an attitude of gratitude.  


If everyone helps out, we can all do our part to keep this planet clean and safe for the children who are growing up right now. We can also be of service by showing our youth how to better treat our environment with what we have learned through previous Earth Days.

All you have to do is be of service to the Earth and keep proceeding with trying to make this planet great again. 


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