What Is Rule 62?

Having fun in sobriety is a must. The problem most people come upon is that they have no idea how to have fun without the effects of alcohol and/or drugs being part of the equation. Instead, they may find themselves joyless, overcompensating in other areas of their life, and falling short in their recovery program. Since recovery is merely a compilation of suggestions, there is only one rule — Rule 62. 


In the book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in Alcoholics Anonymous, on page 149, Rule 62 is described as, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” This passage is more about clearing up any wrongdoings with humility by moving on and getting into the solution. Trying to progress in life while remaining stuck in resentment can lead you to pick up a drink or a drug to cope. Using Rule 62 as your directional attitude can help you to realize more about what sobriety entails than you may have been aware of. 


Sobriety is fun.

Regardless of what you may be accustomed to thinking about sobriety, being sober is actually really fun. You can enjoy the present moment without having to use drugs and alcohol to enhance your experience, or worse, worrying about remembering what you did. Instead, you can bask in the freedom of laughing, smiling, feeling content, and participating with others who feel the same. Find activities that garner enjoyment and be proud that you no longer have to do them drunk or high!


Sobriety is knowledgeable.

The more you know, the better you will do, plain and simple. Taking the time to understand what your addiction is all about can equip you to prevail in your sobriety. Learn about the allergy of the body and the obsession of the mind that makes you go hard after only one drink or drug. Once you have taken the time to understand your addiction, you will feel inclined to take the next indicated step. Your new perspective will create the desire for continuous sobriety, acquiring tools, and following spiritual principles that are necessary for your ongoing sobriety. Putting all this knowledge into action is where you will find your ability to stop taking yourself so seriously. 


Sobriety is being of service.

Your first thought might be that you have nothing to offer anyone else, but the truth is that you do. Even with one day more of sobriety, you already have a larger scope of living one day at a time than others might. Offering them some compassion and understanding goes a lot longer than any material gifts will do at this stage of recovery for all parties involved. Be yourself and put your hand out as a source of encouragement. 


Sobriety is life-changing.

You cannot deny that getting sober — and staying sober — is life-changing. Even if you are just getting started, being around others who are also attempting sobriety can show how life-changing this process has been for them. Being pulled out of the throes of addiction into the light of recovery is enough to bring about a fresh, new outlook on life. If you can really see how far you have come, you will never want to take life for granted again.


Sobriety is an opportunity. 

Rather than focus on what others have done to you, your focal point can be yourself. To stop taking yourself so seriously is not something that may happen overnight. Change takes time and you will find this opportunity of self-discovery and introspection to be priceless. Working a program will give you tons of opportunities to alter character defects, learn about what truly makes you happy, and various other benefits that come from simply staying sober. You may be looking at sobriety as a punishment, but you should look at it as a life-saving opportunity to get you in a better direction towards your recovery. 


Sobriety is one day at a time.

Instant gratification is something you were probably reaching for with your drug and alcohol addiction. Knowing that you would be inebriated once you consumed the right amount of substances in record time put you in real jeopardy of dangerous and inhibited activities; not to mention the negative effect you had on others with the precarious situations your drug and alcohol use caused. Recovery is all about right here, right now, while only using your past to learn from and your future to work for. All you really have to do is stay sober for today and see where that will take you. One day at a time can assist you in keeping it simple by relishing in today’s sobriety.


Following Rule 62 will just become a regular part of your day if you walk through it with all of these suggestions. Having a mantra in life can take on a new meaning and it starts by not taking yourself too seriously.  


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