What Can Telemedicine Do for Your Recovery?


We are fortunate in this day and time to have amazing technology that enables us to connect to people anywhere we can also receive our technology. Talking to others on video chat or through an online meeting platform has heightened the ability to aid people who need medical help without seeing them in person. This virtual servicing, called Telemedicine, is intended to provide an expanded reach to people who cannot leave the house for one reason or another, as well as keep medical facilities from being inundated with unnecessary face-to-face visits.


As you continue recovering from your addiction to drugs and alcohol, there may be a need for you to use Telemedicine to help you stay sober. Telemental health services are up-and-coming to provide people in rural areas, or who work hours outside of normal office hours, the virtual mental health services they need to assist in their sobriety. 


Why Telemedicine Works

Some people may not make it into a mental healthcare office due to being in a rehabilitation facility, traveling for work, or being in home confinement. With the recent pandemic that the US was hit with, Telemedicine showed that there are effective technological lines of communication to extend to the vast population of those being isolated to their homes. Although some diagnoses are meant to be in person for better results, having telemedicine as an option during trying times can allow people to receive the help they need to get better. 


What Telemedicine Provides 

There are clinical appointments that can be provided for patients through Telemedicine, but for mental health patients, telemedicine is a viable option. Meeting with their healthcare professionals over a screen can actually make some people open up more than they would face to face. Being in a comfortable environment while discussing distressing situations from the past may cause someone to become more candid. Having a virtual appointment also limits waiting time at the office and helps lower costs from onsite patient appointments. Broadening access for quality care for patients — wherever they may be — gives way for a person to continue recovering from addiction or coping from anxiety or depression. 


Telemedicine specializes in connecting people in need with healthcare professionals to give them the immediate assistance they need. With the inability to get to a doctor or therapist, Telemedicine can be the solution to get the feasible online tools for the treatment that is necessary for an individual’s ongoing recovery.   


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