Reasons Why Your Environment Is Crucial for Your Recovery

your environment

Having some shelter is a basic necessity for the well-being of someone’s self-care. Without a place to retreat, life tends to become chaotic and unpredictable. Not having a safe place to fall in their recovery will eventually lead a person to feel unstable in their environment. What you need to understand is that the environment you abide in at work, in social settings, or in your home life can make or break your recovery. 


Unreliable environments can generate cravings. 

If you continue to live in or frequent places that are widespread with drugs and alcohol, you are putting undue pressure on yourself to use or drink again. Seeing them continually may cause the obsession of the mind to run rampant, which could eventually lead you to pick up drugs and alcohol again. You may work in an industry that is prevalent with drugs and alcohol, or you could live with people who still use and drink. Looking at how your current environment is affected by your relationship with drugs and alcohol will help to put your sobriety as your number one priority.  


Unstructured environments can cause a relapse. 

Once your cravings really manifest as a choice from your environmental settings, you can really put yourself in jeopardy to relapse. The obsession in the mind regarding your addiction is cunning, powerful, and baffling. Without much effort, you can be convinced that you really do not have a problem or that you could handle just having one drink or one drug. Taking a chance in playing roulette with your recovery can make a relapse happen much quicker than you ever thought. Structuring your environment to benefit your recovery can help you when you are tempted to use drugs or alcohol.     


Unsupportive environments can take away the solution. 

Feeling like you are fighting your addiction alone can make turning to drugs and alcohol a much easier option. If you are not being supported at home, work, or in social locales, you need to seek an environment where support is ubiquitous. Therapy, 12-Step meetings, a sober living, or anywhere else you can find to support your recovery you should be explored. Discovering support amidst the disarray of an unsupportive environment can show you that you are not alone and are able to reach out to those whom you relate to when you are feeling unsure of your recovery. 


Your environment can literally be described as the foundation of your recovery. Take time to carefully consider where your feet land at all times so you can be uber present in where your recovery will land as well.  


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