Nine Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Get Sober

There are two types of people who need to get sober. Those who already know they need to get sober but are not willing to take the necessary measures to do so, and those who have no idea they need to get sober, because they are in denial. They believe they are participating in recreational consumption and that their consequences are not being caused by drugs or alcohol addiction. Conceding to the fact that they may need to end their drinking and using careers altogether is not something they are ready to accept — because they may not entirely understand what the signs of addiction are. 


Can you stop once you start?

If you suffer from addiction, the drugs and alcohol will spur an allergy in the body and an obsession in the mind that keeps you from wanting to stop. An overabundance of drugs and alcohol changes the chemistry of the brain, which keeps you coming back for more even when you are ready to stop.


Have you driven drunk?

Although many people have attempted driving under the influence, this does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from addiction. Once you keep taking your chances after an arrest from a DUI or drive under the influence on the daily without regard to the safety of others, you are proving your judgment is impaired.


Are your relationships taking a hit?

Drugs and alcohol affect everyone who is involved, not just you. Since drugs and alcohol can negatively change your mood, you may find yourself battling your loved ones. Abuse and trust issues can occur due to your inhibitions being lowered or not being able to control your under-the-influence emotions. You may not want to be a burden, but if you are utilizing resources and taking them for granted, your relationships will deteriorate.


Do you blame others for your actions?

Rather than take responsibility for what you have done, you are sure everyone else is out to get you. Someone who is in the throes of their disease usually does not have the capacity to own their mistakes because they already feel guilty about their substance abuse. Seeing situations for what they really are takes a clear and open mind that will come from your recovery. 


Are you keeping up with your responsibilities?

Addiction is often put before anything — including your family, your job, or your schooling. Motivation is lost and interests fall by the wayside in order to continue drinking and using. All of your ambitions will be watered down by these addictive substances you put in your body making drinking and using your number one priority over your responsibilities. 


Can you be social with being drunk or high?

The social lubricant that drugs and alcohol offer you can be desired when having to deal with others. If the only way you can get through communicating with others is by being wasted, you may need to take a look at how drugs and alcohol are really affecting your social skills. Chances are you are over the top, inappropriate, slurring, or making others uncomfortable when you are trying to cope around them.


Are you in trouble with the law?

Yes, driving under the influence is one category of being in trouble, but there are many other things that can cause you to come under the radar of the law. Stealing, being in possession of drugs or paraphernalia, and domestic violence are just a few ways that drugs and alcohol can cause you to go the wrong route. You could have also had CPS called on you for endangering your children. Any of these unfortunate circumstances should be a wake-up call that you need to find a way to get sober. 


Do you experience withdrawals from drugs or alcohol?

Once you run out of liquor or your drug of choice, you might start feeling sick or like you are crawling out of your skin. All you think about is when your next fix will be. You are unable to relax until you know something is in the pipeline and even then, you cannot relax until the substances are inside your body taking care of your withdrawal symptoms. 


Have you blacked out before?

Having temporary amnesia due to binging on drugs and alcohol is a medical red flag concerning addiction. Continuing to carry on with regular blackouts leading to passing out could ultimately cause some brain damage. Neural pathways are greatly affected by excessive alcohol and drug use by blocking chemical signals in the brain and causing neurotransmitters to become overly stimulated. A blackout may be an amusing part of a “day after” story, but the truth is that a blackout is a dangerous onset to addiction.


If you checked the box “yes” for any of these questions, you should definitely take a look at getting some help in addiction recovery. Chances are you have endured enough and need to know there is a way out. 


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