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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month — a time to take stock in accomplishments with sobriety and acknowledge those still struggling with substance use disorder. Started in the late 1980s by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, this month pays respect to everyone struggling with the effects of alcohol and its aftermath. Drinking alcohol is […]

Shame and Guilt in Addiction

Experiencing shame and guilt is a common part of addiction, recovery, and life itself. When you fixate on failed relationships, lost opportunities, or missed connections, it can become a never-ending cycle of negativity. However, this fails to acknowledge your full journey.  If you begin to envision your life after recovery, you may start to see […]

Why Do I Feel So Misunderstood?

As you begin your recovery journey, there may be indications that make you realize that you feel misunderstood. Feeling your feelings for the first time can reveal a great deal, including knowing that being misunderstood is nothing new. Your self-perception of not fitting in or that everyone is out to get you may have kept […]

What Are the Markers of Shame?

One of the reasons people continue to drink alcohol and use drugs addictively is because the shame they experience is often too big of a burden to carry. Turning to these mind-altering substances to numb these feelings might work in the short-term, but a person’s self-esteem and confidence will decline tremendously in the duration of […]

Why Can’t My Mother Get Sober?

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Addiction can be one of the ways that mothers can get disconnected from their children. A mom who is consistently under the influence is not being her genuine self which can create a disassociation caused by her addiction. If you were to ask most moms who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction why they […]

Why Must I Share My Story in Recovery?

Why Must I Share My Story in Recovery?

Talking about your addiction may be embarrassing and daunting for you to fathom. Opening up to others about where the depths of drugs and alcohol take you is probably not on your list of things to do. Sharing your story is not solely for the advantage of others, though, because you will also benefit. Becoming […]