Why Must I Share My Story in Recovery?

Why Must I Share My Story in Recovery?

Talking about your addiction may be embarrassing and daunting for you to fathom. Opening up to others about where the depths of drugs and alcohol take you is probably not on your list of things to do. Sharing your story is not solely for the advantage of others, though, because you will also benefit. Becoming honest, open-minded, and willing to share with others is important for sustainable recovery. 


Your story is a stress reliever.

Telling your story will free you from your guilt and shame, and can give you a way to alleviate any adverse emotions and feelings. When you talk about what you did, other people will tell you that they know how you feel and had to endure the exact same thing. Becoming part of a group by opening up about your past is what will unleash the burden you have been carrying around


Your story gives others hope.

Opening up about what it was like, and what it is like now, can show others how far you have come in your recovery. Remember back to how lowly you felt when you first came into a meeting — and then once you heard someone tell a story similar to yours, you began to relate to them, and eventually others. Being that hope for someone else is not only a way to be of service to others, but it also helps you to stay connected with your own recovery. The past is an asset for you to use today to keep you from going back out there to do unnecessary research. 


Your story shows your courage.

Talking about the things you once felt shameful about and were guilty of is not always easy. You never know who is going to negatively react to your past endeavors. By stepping up to attempt to help others regardless of what they think, you are definitely showing your courage. Most people will find strength in your redemption and see how valiant you really are in your recovery. Now that you are becoming the person you were meant to become, your story shows your magnanimous and tenacious side to be helpful to others. 


Your shame and guilt become your experience, strength, and hope once you start opening up and letting others in recovery hear your story. Your “dark side” just becomes another chapter that leads up to the moment when you are becoming the shining star of your own story. You may have started out as the antagonist, but with the help of recovery, you will be the sober protagonist that everyone looks up to.  


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