Guide to Staying Sober through Spring Break

Sober Spring Break

That time of year has come when school is out (or you are using vacation time), and you are ready to party! The thing is that you are now sober, and drinking or using is a bad idea for your recovery. Honestly, you have the ability to stay sober through anything, including spring break, if you take some precautions and change your activities a bit. This does not mean you cannot travel or do something fun on your time off. This just means that you are going to do something different so you can enjoy yourself and stay sober in the process. 


Put your recovery first. 

Instead of hanging out at bars and clubs, you need to find some other activities to compensate for your pleasure. You can find other things to do that are not based around drinking and using like hiking, hanging out at the beach — or if you are more daring, skydiving. The point is to do something you would not normally do and have a blast without using drugs or alcohol. Even if traveling troubles you, no problem. You can do anything sober as long as you make working your program all day, every day your number one priority.  


Take your recovery with you. 

When you are taking on some of these activities in lieu of drinking and using, you could still find yourself having cravings. When this occurs, it is important to take your tools with you. Have a list of people to call when you are in a weak moment. Take a journal with you so you can record your feelings to discuss with your sponsor later.  Have digital copies of your literature on your phone to reference if you need to be reminded of your drug and alcohol addiction. If you are traveling, research meetings before you go so that when you are feeling uncomfortable, you already know where to go. Your addiction is always trying to creep up on you; by putting tools into place — and more importantly into practice — you can give yourself better odds to remain sober. 


Spring break is mostly associated with heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol, but you can change that for yourself, and maybe even be a good example for someone else. Drugs and alcohol may seem like a natural choice, but being present in the moment goes a long way. Take this spring break sober and you will find that you can have a great time in your recovery. 


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